2021/10/14 - The Vaccine

  • Interviewed by CBC The Fifth Estate

2021/10/9 - The FCC wants to crack down on SIM swapping, a common form of identity theft

2021/9/6 - Election in Canada

  • Interviewed by Fairchild Radio Toronto AM1430.

2021/6/14 - AI and Cybersecurity

  • Interviewed by Fairchild Radio Toronto AM1430.

2021/5/31 - ‘We must make Canadian cyberspace a harder target,’ says CSE chief

2021/5/12 - Comment on Colonial Pipeline

  • Interviwed by Sing Tao A1 AM1540 radio program: A1 Morning

2021/5/5 - Are Canadians prepared for cyberattacks in the second Cold War?

2021/4/22 - Canada's aging critical infrastructure strategy an increasing concern, say cybersecurity experts

2020/12/2 - Response to SSMU's #Save12HKyouth statement

  • Interviewed by Le Délit, McGill's francophone student newspaper.

2020/11 - Cybersecurity issues in businesses

  • Interviewed by Option consommateurs, a consumer association based in Montreal.

2020/11 - A "search engine" for mining the mysteries of malware

2020/07/21 - Wattpad storytelling platform says hackers had access to user email addresses

2020/07/02 - Hong Kongers react to China's new national security law

2020/06/02 - Looking at the Hong Kong protests during COVID-19

2020/05/26 - SIM Swap Attack

2020/01/21 - Data Mining for Cybersecurity

2019/12/05 - La bataille de Hong Kong à Montréal

2019/05/21 - AI for Cybersecurity

  • Reported by Liberty Time Net (Taiwan): The double-edged sword of AI for cybersecurity

2018/11/14 - Kam1n0

2018 - Phishing

2018 - Cybersecurity

  • Podcast at the World Economic Forum (WEF) on the topic of cybsersecurity

2018 - Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity

  • Interviewed by McGill International Review, commenting on Google Duplex

2017 - Scamming

2017 - Canadian Businesses Raise Cybersecurity Concerns Regarding New China Law

  • Interviewed by The Talon, UBC's alternative student press

  • Interviewed by The Concordian, Concordia University's student-run newspaper

  • Interviewed by Legaltech news [Article]

2016 - Five Technological Innovations You Didn’t Know Came From Montréal

Kam1n0, developed by the Data Mining and Security Lab at McGill School of Information Studies, has been chosen by Tourism Montreal to be one of the five technological innovations from Montreal. [Article]

2016 - TVM Television - The State of Surveillance

Interviewed by TVM Television, Student Television at McGill [YouTube: The State of Surveillance]
Interviewees: Mr. Edward Snowden, Dr. Rex Brynen, Dr. Steven Wagner, and Dr. Benjamin Fung @ McGill University

2016 - Comment on digital privacy

Interviewed by Montreal Gazette to comment on digital privacy in the era of big data [Article]

2016 - Interviewed by McGill School of Information Studies

Interviewed by McGill School of Information Studies for the appointment of Canada Research Chair [Article]

2016 - Comment on the privacy issues of FitBit

Interviewed by La Presse+ to comment on the privacy issues of FitBit [Article]

2014 - Visualizing E-mail Writeprint

This is a collaborative project between SIS, CIISE, and NCFTA Canada. This work has been reported by McGill Headway.

Representative publication:

[1] S. H. H. Ding, B. C. M. Fung, and M. Debbabi. A visualizable evidence-driven approach for authorship attribution. ACM Transactions on Information and System Security (TISSEC), 17(3):12.1-12.30, March 2015. ACM Press.

2013 - Hunting for Cyber Criminals

This is a collaborative project between CIISE, NCFTA Canada, and a law enforcement agency in Canada. The study has received both national and international media coverage, including Radio Canada International, Le Journal de Montreal, Le Journal de Québec, TVA Nouvelles, Canada Standard, MSN Technologie, Yahoo Finance, Huffington Post (QC), Mag Securs, AMEQ en ligne (subscription only), Toronto Telegraph (featured story), USA Today, EurekAlert, Nachrichten (Germany), Germany Today, Ciência e Tecnologia Saúde Digest (Portuguese), The Times of India,, ISS Source, ECN Magazine, Forensic Science,, Jagran Post (India), REALTIME NEWS (India), News Track India, Science Daily, Science Codex, Science Newsline, Maverick Multimédia, Health Medicine Network, Canoe, Ecolo WeB inFO, monTELUS, The Universal Pantograph, Concordia Alumni Magazine, dhemo,, and Worlds Luxury Guide. The original story was published in Concordia Now and then in Concordia University Magazine. The work was published in Data & Knowledge Engineering.

Representative publications:

[1] A. Basher and B. C. M. Fung. Analyzing topics and authors in chat logs for crime investigation. Knowledge and Information Systems (KAIS): An International Journal, 39(2):351-381, May 2014. Springer.
[2] G. G. Dagher and B. C. M. Fung. Subject-based semantic document clustering for digital forensic investigations. Data & Knowledge Engineering (DKE), 86:224-241, July 2013. Elsevier.

My Ph.D. student, Gaby Dagher, was interviewed by the media:
- CTV News: Montreal (TV)
- CBC New Brunswick (TV)
- CJAD's The Aaron Rand Show (Radio)
- Telegraph-Journal, the provincial newspaper for New Brunswick
- The Connectivist, online technology news magazine, New York

2012 - Differential Privacy

2011 - Authorship Analysis

This is a collaborative project between CIISE and NCFTA Canada. The study has received international coverage in New York TimesUPIWired (UK), Toronto StarInternational Business TimesPC WorldSecure Computing Magazine (Australia), Computer World (New Zealand),  Thinq (UK),  MetroCanada TechWorld CIO Magazine R&D Magazine Giz Magthe Economic TimesInventors SpotThe InquirerAhmedabad Mirror (India), IDG News (Sweden), NetWorld (Poland), PC Pro (UK), BBC (in Spanish), Today Commercial News (in Chinese), the Chronicle of Higher Order, the Epoch Times,, TechRepublic, Imagine, Bit City (Italy), The Register (UK), La Stampa (Italy), and Slashdot. Prof. Mourad Debbabi was also interviewed on Radio-Canada radio's Je l'ai vu à la radio, Désautels, and CBC Radio One Edmonton regarding the study. The original story was published in the Concordia Journal and ENCS Faculty Magazine. The work was published in Digital Investigation and Information Sciences. The project was conducted by my former doctoral student Farkhund Iqbal.

[1] F. Iqbal, H. Binsalleeh, B. C. M. Fung, and M. Debbabi. A unified data mining solution for authorship analysis in anonymous textual communications. Information Sciences (INS): Special Issue on Data Mining for Information Security, 231:98-112, May 2013. Elsevier.
[2] F. Iqbal, R. Hadjidj, B. C. M. Fung, and M. Debbabi. A novel approach of mining write-prints for authorship attribution in e-mail forensics. Digital Investigation (DIIN), 5(1):42-51. Proceedings of the 8th Annual DFRWS Conference. September 2008. Elsevier. [ full paper | slides ]
Audio Podcast: Beyond the Headlines: Fighting Cybercrime